The world and workplace are constantly changing. Are you ready?

Outstanding leadership requires resiliency, learning agility, adaptability, and cognitive fitness to lead through massive uncertainty.

Swire Solutions is an organizational development and coaching firm dedicated to helping leaders and their teams achieve superior results during change, increase resiliency, maximize performance during massive change and uncertainty and reduce workplace conflict.

The firm’s founder, Wendy Swire, is an accomplished Author, Speaker, Mediator, former Wall Street banker and Economist. Wendy also brings a background in applied neuroscience and mental fitness to clients and teams.

Wendy Swire Executive Coach and Conflict Resolution


Serving clients throughout the US and globally

Financial Services, Federal Sector, Healthcare, International/NGO and Private Sector Companies
If you manage others, you want to work with Wendy. Her book and coaching approach offer a practical roadmap for exploring the developmental landscape with your employees. It will be a great source of renewal for you and your associates.
-- Neil Stroul, PhD, Principal Kenning Associates
Founding Faculty Member, Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program
Few leadership qualities have surfaced in the past several years as important as the ability to enhance performance and drive business results through coaching. Whether you work internally to an organization or as an external coach/consultant, Wendy's book Anytime Coaching is a practical guide to improving performance.  I recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their coaching skills.
 -- Marsha King, PhD,
Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University
President, SkillPoint Consulting, Inc.
So much of being a leader is about knowing yourself, being present and being ready to handle whatever comes your way. Wendy is a leader in the executive coaching field. She brings science, experience and strategic thinking, together to help with about any different coaching situations. 
-- Brook Colangelo, EVP and CIO, Waters Corporations and Former CIO of the Executive Office of the President and White House
I am a longtime fan of Swire's coaching techniques: she combines practical tools with deep self revealed insights which help keep me grounded and focused at work and home - these models have helped me lead a better life professionally and personally. 
-- Laura Fuentes, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Hilton International
Wendy is innovative, flexible and outcome-oriented. Her strong work ethics, dedication and extensive knowledge of proven managerial and leadership techniques made our working relationship both enjoyable and fun.
-- Myrtle Habersham, Retired Senior Executive Service & Social Security Administration's Regional Commissioner
Wendy’s knowledge and practical application of neuropsychology, organizational behavior, leadership development, emotional intelligence, mind-body discipline, and conflict resolution helped me create a powerful agenda for personal and professional growth. Working with Wendy was one of the best investments in my career that I have ever made
-- Carolyn Berkowitz, Former Managing Vice President, Capital One; Former President, Capital One Foundation

Anytime Coaching

Learn critical skills through the 5 key Anytime Coaching Practices to transform employee and organization performance.

Anytime Coaching offers a roadmap for individuals striving to achieve leadership effectiveness in the context of today’s complex world.

Watch Wendy discuss “Anytime Coaching” with ABC/Channel 7 news correspondent Rebecca Cooper on The Washington Business Report.

Virtual Presentations and Offerings

Since 2016, Wendy has been a presenter and keynote virtually on numerous platforms (Zoom, BlueJeans, Adobe Connect, Teams) to smaller leadership teams and large audiences of over 500 people.

Neuro-wearables? Real Neuroscience or Real Hype?

By Dave Hanas | August 20, 2021

One of the growing trends in neuroscience is the development of neuro technologies and neuro-wearable products, marketed to bring the benefits of neurofeedback and neurostimulation to your workplace and personal lives. These products, such as Apollo, COVE, Muse, Halo and Happbee, tout benefits such as decreased stress and anxiety, more focused and beneficial meditation, improved…

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Neuro Myth, So What?

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | June 16, 2021

Why Should We Care About Neuromyths? In this final of our three-part series on Neuromyths, we ask the ultimate question: So What? WHY should executive coaches, educators, business leaders and consultants think and care about debunking neuromyths? We are not neuroscientists. How does valuing  scientific integrity impact us in Applied Neuroscience. There are two compelling…

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Podcast: Support Your Team With Anytime Coaching, Suggests Wendy Swire

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | June 10, 2021

Today’s theme is how to help your team members grow and thrive by building coaching into your everyday conversations at work. Our guest is Wendy Swire, an executive coach, leadership consultant and pioneer in the art of using neuroscience to help people become more engaged and productive on the job. She’s also co-author (with Teresa…

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5 Top Trends in Neuroscience You Need to Know in 2021

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | June 10, 2021

As you incorporate neuroscience and neuroleadership into your own work and practice, remember that the field itself is moving and changing rapidly, making it important to stay current with brain science trends. In this blog post, we do the work for you. Here are the Top 5 Trends in Neuroscience you need to know today.…

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Debunking More Popular Neuromyths: The Role of our Biases (Part II)

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | May 3, 2021

Why do we believe so many misconceptions about the brain, or “Neuromyths”? According to one study, the public believed 68% of common Neuromyths, especially when findings were accompanied by brain images (and even when the underlying science was faulty).  In this article, we will bust two of the most popular Neuromyths and discuss the reasons behind…

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Busting the Lizard Brain Neuromyth

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | April 3, 2021

You’ve likely heard the term Lizard Brain before. This popular idea says you use higher-level thinking and reasoning parts of your neocortex to overpower and quiet the primitive impulses of your lower-level lizard brain. This reptilian vs. rational brain distinction is compelling because it resonates with our everyday human experiences; I reach for a third cookie…

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Hack your Motivation and Get Back on Track in 2016: Dopamine, Laughter and Grandma

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | February 28, 2016

Goodbye February and Hello March. We have two full months of 2016 behind us as the transition from winter to spring occurs. How is 2016 going for you so far? How about your New Year’s Resolutions?  Perhaps March is the time to get back on track and reboot your resolutions, which according to, only…

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Neuroleadership Behind Thanksgiving and Gratitude: 3 Three Things to Share at the Thanksgiving Table

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | November 25, 2015

  There are many topics to think about during Thanksgiving – a wonderful meal of turkey, stuffing, perhaps football or late hour shopping. But, as you get ready to celebrate the holiday, perhaps the most important aspect of Thanksgiving is taking time to be grateful for what truly is important to you – family, friends,…

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Mindfulness: Why it Moved from the Yoga Studio to the Business Board Room

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | October 27, 2015

Only a few years ago, if I mentioned the term Mindfulness of Meditation to my executive coaching clients or the leadership groups they would politely smile back at me. Business and government leaders relayed that mindfulness “is not my thing.” One senior executive said slowing down to “be all Zen means I would lose my competitive…

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Hello World

By Wendy Sherwin Swire | June 28, 2015

Welcome World! Although the world of blogging is brand new to me, the world of helping others excel and  sharing ideas is very comfortable territory.  For the past 20 years, I have worked as an executive/leadership coach, conflict resolution practitioner, teacher and facilitator. I am in the business of helping others – to achieve better…

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