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“Wendy’s knowledge and practical application of neuropsychology, organizational behavior, leadership development, emotional intelligence, mind-body discipline, and conflict resolution helped me create a powerful agenda for personal and professional growth. Working with Wendy was one of the best investments in my career that I have ever made.”
Carolyn S. Berkowitz,
Managing Vice President, Capital One;
Former President, Capital One Foundation

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Swire Solutions Executive Coaching
Professional Certified Coach

Swire Solutions executive coaching motivates and equips our clients with knowledge, skills and increased self-awareness. The results? Stronger capacity to lead teams through seasons of change, improved resiliency and greater, long-term workplace performance.

Our coaching clients include C-Suite executives; senior leaders and managers; emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Coaching is based upon the highest level of mutual trust, strict confidentiality and respect.

Wendy has over 20 years working with more than 1,800 leaders at all levels throughout the United States and overseas. She is a mentor coach for the Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program.

Wendy is well-known for helping her clients learn current leadership development approaches, mental fitness and neuroscience-based techniques to become more present, engaged and focused. Wendy studied with the founder and is Certified in Conversational Intelligence® and is a pioneer coach in the Positive Intelligence program.


Hybrid Leadership Development Services

Swire Solutions offers hybrid leadership development services, including numerous technology delivery options and in-person. Delivery options include in person or virtually via Zoom, phone or other client platforms such as Teams, Adobe Connect, Blue Jeans or others.

hybrid leadership development services

Neuroleadership, Applied Neuroscience & Mental Fitness

Understand the Brain, Understand Yourself, Understand Others

Understanding the brain and how people think
Understanding the brain and how people think
Academy of Brain-based Learning
positive intelligence

For More information on Joining the DC Neuroleadership Group, Contact Wendy

A popular keynote speaker and workshop leader, Wendy has presented on applied neuroscience, mental fitness and Neuroleadership to diverse audience ranging from senior Department of Defense leaders, internal executive coaches at Fortune 50 company and Congressional Staff members.

Wendy founded the DC Neuroleadership Group She was nominated as a member into the prestigious Society of Neuroscience and is a member of the Academy of Brain-Based Learning. She works closely with PhD Neuroscientists and experts to offer the latest scientific findings in her lectures, talks and courses. She is a pioneer coach in the Positive Intelligence Program (Cohort 3) studying with its founder since 2020.

Sample of Services Provided:

  • Talks and Team Presentations (1-3 hours)
  • Training Session (1 hour, half to full day)
  • 6-week Mental Fitness Positive Intelligence Training using App technology
  • Applied Neuroscience Webinar Training through the DC Neuroleadership Group  (there is a link here)


I already had high hopes for Wendy’s webinar on neuroplasticity because of some previous programs on neuroscience. She packed this one-hour session with precise definitions, research examples, coaching experiences, and ways to apply the concept of neuroplasticity in our own coaching practices. Perhaps the most effective element of her session was the challenge to incorporate these insights into our own lives by embracing learning, novelty, and personal change at any age.”
Gay-Lynn Carpenter, PCC
President, International Coaching Federation of Virginia

Facilitation, Team Coaching & Development

Swire Solutions works with leaders and teams at all stages of development, designing, leading and facilitating meetings; working with senior leadership for off-site retreats; and serving as a team coach. She has worked with specialized teams such as emerging and high-potential leaders, Senior Executive Service candidates and specialized industry fields such as engineering, and is always able to customize an approach to meet her client’s needs.

Please contact Swire Solutions for additional information regarding our facilitation and team development services.


Conversational Intelligence®

Conversational Intelligence Book
Wendy Swire and Judith Glaser Neuro Leadership
Certified in Conversational Intelligence

What is C-IQ®? Why is It Different than Other Frameworks?

The fundamental skill of having productive conversations is what drives transformation, collaboration and innovation in todays’ organization.  Unfortunately, according to research, 9 out of 10 conversations “miss the mark” and are not effective. C-IQ is cutting edge work drawing upon the neuroscience of conversations and relationships.

Conversational Intelligence was created by Judith E. Glaser, best-selling author of Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results. It has been used at the highest C-Suite level of Fortune 100 organizations.  Wendy has studied intensively with Judith E. Glaser and is one of only 500  global coaches/consultants to be Certified in this exciting, new neuroscience-based methodology.

Swire Solutions offers clients workshops, presentations and group and team coaching  engagements using this exciting, innovative C-IQ to increase collaboration, co-create and innovate.

“Wendy made a fantastic presentation to our HR Division on Conversational Intelligence. It was thought-provoking and practical, and left us wanting to know more! Many of our team members who missed the early session decided to join a later session because they heard from the first attendees how great it was. Wendy is extremely knowledgeable, energetic, bright, and funny, and I look forward to having her speak to us again soon. I also see a lot of practical uses for Freddie Mac in Conversational Intelligence techniques – particularly in individual and team coaching.”

Jennifer Copeland
Manager, Leadership Development & Organizational Effectiveness
Human Resources, Diversity, & Inclusion
Freddie Mac

Conflict Coaching & Dispute Resolution Services

Wendy is an experienced conflict resolution practitioner and mediator, with over 1,000 hours of mediation experience. She works with individuals, teams and leaders to manage conflict experiences and create innovative solutions to resolve disputes. She is trained in the CINERGY Conflict Coaching methodology.

conflict resolution for manager

Assessment Tools

Swire Solutions offers numerous state of the art leadership assessments to our clients as part of executive coaching engagements, facilitation, leadership and team development programs.

Speaking and Training

With her outstanding evaluations and performance results, Wendy is known for her passion and energy as an instructor. Swire Solutions uses the most up-to-date adult learning models and interactive teaching approaches to engage course participants to develop real life, applicable skills.  Training delivery methodologies include: interactive exercises, classroom discussion, case study simulations, use of video and streaming media, webinar and web-based approaches.

A sample of Swire Solutions’ most popular courses and presentations:

  • The Neuroscience of Peak Performance: The 3 “S” Conditions
  • Strategic Influencing
  • Increasing Resiliency to Change
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Conversations
  • Confidence Code for Women Leaders
  • Your Leadership Brand and Executive Presence

For information on additional speaking engagements, please click here.