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Applied Neuroscience Essentials Webinar Series

Designed for Executive Coaches, Organizational Development Professionals & Leaders

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Recent research in neuroscience offers tremendous new insights into the human brain and behavior with numerous applications to coaching and leadership development.

Swire Solution’s Applied Neuroscience Webinar Series provides a practical alternative to other neuroleadership and neuroscience training programs that often require a year-long commitment. Our Series is offered in three (1) one-hour webinar live trainings. The information provides no-nonsense insights into brain science, neuroleadership and tools that have an immediate impact in the workplace.

Designed for leaders, executive coaches and development professionals who want to gain the most practical insights into brain science that have immediate impact in their work.

Applied Neuroscience content can immediately be used with internal or external coaching clients, employees, team members and in project design work.

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How the Webinar Series Works & What You Will Learn:

Each sixty-minute webinar will cover key applied neuroscience essentials and be taught live by Wendy Swire. You may sign up for both or one of the sessions. Here are samples of the Webinar sessions.

Webinar/Session #1: Neuroscience 101:   In this first session, you will learn how neurons are organized (and why it matters). Learn how the brain communicates, the different regions/parts of the brain and how to explain neuroscience to your clients or anyone. You will learn about the C-Suite and Reptile portions of your brain.

Webinar/Session #2: Brain Chemistry and the Emotional Brain: You will understand the basics of brain chemistry and what happens to the chemicals of emotions . You will understand how the brain moves from distraction to focus and toward positive habit formation.

The webinars are recorded to allow you to listen if you are not available to attend the live event during the session period.  ICF Certified Coaches will receive Continuing Education Credits (CEUS).  Resource materials, practical application of the material and bibliography are included with each Webinar.

Understanding the brain and how people think

Testimonials from Applied Neuroscience Webinar Series

“Wendy, fascinating!  Great content! Lots of Ahas for me to digest.”
Linda Cassell, CPCC, M. Ed., Certified Neuro Leadership Coach
Quantum Leap Coaching and Training
“Thank you for the  Applied Neuroscience Webinar.  I found the content to be very valuable.  I especially liked Wendy’s  focus on how to apply what we learned. I plan to  share strategies for calming down the brain that were discussed during the webinar. “
Christina Schwartz,  Great Coaches Inc.
"In my previous career, I was an occupational therapist and took neuroanatomy in school. Wendy's webinar series was perfect to wake up the part of my brain that learned this 20 years ago.  A basic  understanding of how the brain works is helpful in making changes in my own life and supporting my clients as they make changes in their lives."
Lisa Hope Tilstra, MHS, PCC, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach

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Wendy’s Background in Applied Neuroscience

Wendy at the DC Neuroleadership Group with neuroscientist and expert in neuroplasticity Dr. Douglas Fields, from the National Institute of Health

Wendy at the DC Neuroleadership Group with neuroscientist and expert in neuroplasticity Dr. Douglas Fields, from the National Institute of Health

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Wendy is well-known for curating brain science research and applications to make the information practical and accessible to all levels and audiences.

Active in the field of Neuroleadership since 2009. Wendy formed the Neuroleadership Institute’s Washington, DC Chapter, today known as the DC Neuroleadership Group.

She was nominated and accepted as a member to the prestigious Society for Neuroscience and is a member of the Academy of Brain-Based Learning. Wendy works closely with neuroscientists and neuropsychologists to ensure her research material is validated and cutting edge.

A popular speaker and workshop leader, Wendy has taught Applied Neuroscience and Neuroleadership to internal Fortune 50 coaches, to Georgetown University Leadership Coaches,  the International Coaching Federation, senior Department of Defense leaders, business executives, and congressional staff members.

See Wendy in Action

See Wendy in Action Speaking on Applied Brain Science (video)

Applied Neuroscience Testimonials

Utilizing her extensive knowledge and research about the intersection of neuroscience and leadership, Wendy Swire has developed a high-quality presentation on the theme of “Neuroleadership.” Her presentation balances information and practical activities to provide participants with a solid understanding of how their brains function and impact their leadership style and decision-making processes.”
– Mickey A. Benson, PhD., President, Monitor Associates, Inc.
Doubling down on my existing commitment to try to expose myself to as many new ideas and new people as possible, now I know that there’s evidence that establishing those neural paths is important.”
Defense Contractor
I already had high hopes for Wendy’s webinar on neuroplasticity because of some previous programs on neuroscience. She packed this one-hour session with precise definitions, research examples, coaching experiences, and ways to apply the concept of neuroplasticity in our own coaching practices. Perhaps the most effective element of her session was the challenge to incorporate these insights into our own lives by embracing learning, novelty, and personal change at any age.”
Gay-Lynn Carpenter, PCC President, International Coaching Federation of Virginia
I am more conscious about being in the moment and staying engaged. I will try to be more intentional about my personal learning, growth and exercising of brain power.”
Intelligence Analyst, Virginia

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