Anytime Coaching provides a very useful blueprint for building a “coaching culture” in any type of organization -- large or small, private or government, profit or non-profit -- by focusing on the four most important underlying coaching skills.  With its addition of the latest insights from the fields of neuroscience and mindfulness. I highly recommend Anytime Coaching for anyone looking to make their organization a more humane and productive place to work.”
-- Ed Modell, JD, PCC
Past President, International Coach Federation
Kloster and Swire’s simple, elegant model will enable you to turn “coachable moments” into powerful breakthrough. Use this book if  you are a leader who wants to motivate your employees, an executive coach to wishes to help your clients achieve their goals, or even if you’re new to coaching. Put  this book at the top of your coaching books – it has it all!"
 -- Dr. Cynthia Roman, PCC
Co-Author, Organizational Coaching
Retired Associate Professor of Management, Marymount University
A “must read” for managers who want to bring out the best in the workforce. The coaching practices of non-judgmental observing, insightful inquiring, extreme listening, and intentional responding form the backbone of the coaching approach in this timely book.  The addition of neuroscience and mindfulness practice in this edition further inform the reader about being present and focused."
 -- Pat Mathews, MCC
Former Co-Director of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program
Few leadership qualities have surfaced in the past several years as important as the ability to enhance performance and drive business results through coaching. Whether you work internally to an organization or as an external coach/consultant, Anytime Coaching is a practical guide to improving performance.  I recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their coaching skills."
 -- Marsha King, PhD,
Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University
President, SkillPoint Consulting, Inc.
As a relatively new manager I have been searching for resources that contain tips for communicating and leading. I especially enjoyed the discussions about the practices of inquiring and extreme listening  and have already seen the benefits of putting what I learned into action.”
 -- Melissa Feuer, JD, Executive Director
Office for Student Engagement, George Washington University's College of Professional Studies
In today’s business place, every manager is a coach. Kloster & Swire’s book Anytime Coaching gives them the practical tools they need to be effective coaches – drawing out the best in their employees by observing, inquiring, listening, and responding as an important and valued part of their leadership. Any company that depends on strong leadership to build a strong business should have Anytime Coaching on every manager’s shelf!”
 -- Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D., MCC
Author of The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership
Kloster and Swire’s new edition is a useful and practical guide for busy managers who want to integrate some of the new neuroscience and mindfulness findings into their performance coaching of their people.  The tools and approaches form a helpful guide to the sometimes elusive territory of holding real coaching conversations."
 -- Doug Silsbee
Author, Presence-Based Coaching
Anytime Coaching is both a thought-provoking and easy-to-follow practical guide to improving one's management style, written in such a way as compel the reader to practice its principles just by absorbing the contents.  As a government manager with over 25 years' experience managing diverse teams, I wish I had had such a guide available years ago."
-- Richard M. Wilbur
Retired Lieutenant Commander US Navy
Former State Department Foreign Service Officer
Part common sense, part higher level thinking,  part introspection.  Anytime Coaching is a must read for anyone, whether in a managerial position or for those working on the front lines.  It's a wonderful book about developing healthy practices, not only on the job but in our day to day lives. I endorse this book without reservation."
  -- Dr. Stephen M. Hellman, M.D.
At a time when leaders at all levels are expected to coach, this new edition of Teresa Kloster and Wendy Swire’s classic work provides a simple yet powerful framework for bringing out the best in people. The tools and techniques that these masterful coaches share can work with anyone, anywhere, anytime."
 -- Carol Goldsmith, PCC, NLPT
Past President, International Coach Federation (ICF) Metro DC Charter Chapter
Whether you’re a first-time supervisor eager to build the foundational skills to ensure your effectiveness in the role, or a seasoned manager looking for ways to take your game to the next level, Teresa Kloster and Wendy Swire’s Anytime Coaching is your answer.  Filled with straightforward and clear guidance on the skills and approaches necessary for effectively managing in today’s challenging work environments, this book couldn’t be more essential."
-- Steve Heller
Program Director, Leadership Coaching Certificate Program
Institute for Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University
I highly recommend Anytime Coaching, especially to those executives who would benefit from taming their fast results gene.  Anytime Coaching sets out a compelling and easy to use roadmap for observing, listening, inquiring and responding.  It is a must read for those who truly want to develop a high performing team.”
 -- Gary D. LeClair, Esq
Co-Founder and Chairman, LECLAIRRYAN
This book will serve as a reminder to every coach what it takes to truly support others’ in driving results.  The new PAF approach recommended in Anything Coaching is the type of pragmatic approach a leader can get their minds around, practice, and see dramatic results with. It could be one of the single most important ways to create resonance and engagement with others.”
-- Casey Wilson,  Managing Director, Learning and Development
Evolent Health
Anytime Coaching is brilliant in its elegant simplicity and comprehensible guidance for educating managers and leaders in all lines of work about how to identify coachable moments during the work-day. The wisdom provided by the authors in this highly accessible and easily readable form will make Anytime Coaching a preferred desk reference for managers and leaders in all lines of commercial endeavor."
-- Nelson F. Migdal, Esq.
Partner  Co-Chair, Hospitality Group, Greenberg Traurig, LLP.
Anytime Coaching is a detailed prescription for applying old-fashioned values of humility, patience and empathy in a modern, fast-moving corporate environment. By being present, aware and focused, the leader improves her own job satisfaction, and learns to rely on the initiative, self-confidence and expertise resident in her team.”
-- Christopher D. Earl, PhD- Molecular Biologist,
Life science Venture Capitalist & President, Innotrove, LLC

In this 2nd edition, Kloster and Swire reinforce the role of the Brain-Mind-Body connection in effective performance. They help access this connection and unleash its potential for improving personal and employee performance."

 -- Marion Smith
Chartered Biologist, Member of the Society of Biology (UK)
MA, Information Technology, ACC
Wendy and Teresa do an excellent job of taking the concept of coaching and turning it into a simple, actionable model that is easy to understand and use.  The reader will find benefit if you are well versed in coaching, or if you are learning about it for the first time.”
 -- Sarah Mankowski, Human Resource Leader
Capital One Financial Services
Readers will find a wealth of practical suggestions on how to observe, inquire, listen, and respond in ways that convey respect and encourage growth and improved performance.  You will learn how to make the workplace more productive and enjoyable, one conversation at a time.”
 -- Carol Willett, (retired) Chief Learning Officer
U. S. Government Accountability Office
If you manage others, read this book. It is a practical roadmap for exploring the developmental landscape with your employees. It will be a great source of renewal for you and your associates.”
-- Neil Stroul, PhD, Principal Kenning Associates
Founding Faculty Member, Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program
A reality for managers anywhere on the globe is that their employees need to be well supported, well engaged, and well led.  Anytime Coaching offers great information about how managers can respond to this global need.”
 --Michael Garvey Berger, Senior Consultant,
Winsborough LTD,
Wellington, New Zealand