Neuro Myth, So What?


Why Should We Care About Neuromyths? In this final of our three-part series on Neuromyths, we ask the ultimate question: So What? WHY should executive coaches, educators, business leaders and consultants think and care about debunking neuromyths? We are not neuroscientists. How does valuing  scientific integrity impact us in Applied Neuroscience. There are two compelling…

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5 Top Trends in Neuroscience You Need to Know in 2021

Debunking Popular Myths

As you incorporate neuroscience and neuroleadership into your own work and practice, remember that the field itself is moving and changing rapidly, making it important to stay current with brain science trends. In this blog post, we do the work for you. Here are the Top 5 Trends in Neuroscience you need to know today.…

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Podcast: Neuroleadership: How Your Brain is Wired for Success

Neuroleadership: Wendy Sherwin Swire on How Your Brain is Wired for Success

Wendy Sherwin Swire, MA, PCC – Neuroleadership Expert, Executive Coach, Author, Speaker, & Conflict Resolution Professional – Washington, D.C. What does an international economist, a banker on Wall Street and nueroleadership have in common? Tune in to find out from my guest, Wendy Swire. Wendy is an intellectual powerhouse who has become a force multiplier…

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