Podcast: Neuroleadership: How Your Brain is Wired for Success

Neuroleadership: Wendy Sherwin Swire on How Your Brain is Wired for Success

Wendy Sherwin Swire, MA, PCC – Neuroleadership Expert, Executive Coach, Author, Speaker, & Conflict Resolution Professional – Washington, D.C.

What does an international economist, a banker on Wall Street and nueroleadership have in common? Tune in to find out from my guest, Wendy Swire.

Wendy is an intellectual powerhouse who has become a force multiplier via her coaching practice and her recent book Anytime Coaching , Unleashing Employee Performance. Utilizing her superpower of curiosity, she will inspire you to tap into the most powerful transportation system on the planet – your brain.

Personable, articulate, and full of life changing insights, Wendy offers compelling thoughts which can elevate your leadership impact. Whether it is neuroscience, mindfulness, or the practice of gratitude, this conversation will be thought-provoking. As a wife, mother of two boys, and global advocate who is passionate about creating a better world, you will gain life changing insights you can put into practice on your personal leadership journey. Your brain will thank you! #wiredforsuccess